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Video conferencing: future is now! :yes:

  23:28:23, by fplanque   , Categories: Le Web est fou, Logiciels, Multimedia
Okay now, sometimes I really feel stuck in south of France when I need to be working with people in Paris! Phone + email was cool until my phone bills rocketed in the past few months... :-/ Recently, I decided, with a couple of business partners, to giv… more »


Patent pending: My personal "Cookie Tenderizer™" :yes:

  23:45:17, by fplanque   , Categories: Aventures Quotidiennes
Today we had a healthy lunch: a friend of mine brought us home baked cookies! Don't question about the dietetics, she's gotta be knowing what she's doing, she's an engineer in the food processing industry! :> Well, anyway, those were excellent and I even… more »


depeche mode: 15 ans de télé réalité :))

  21:04:43, par fplanque   , Catégories: Soft Culture, Musique, DVD
Je n'ai pas tellement le temps de regarder mes DVD cuvée Noël 2003 en ce moment, mais il y en a un que j'ai vraiment adoré: Depeche Mode 101. Le DVD #2 est le (supposé) 101ème concert de Depeche Mode au Rose Bowl de Pasadena à la fin de leur tournée U… suite »

Sending mail with Outlook 2002

  20:32:37, by fplanque   , Categories: Logiciels
I have been using outlook 2002 since... errr... 2002 ? (Yeah I know there are better email clients avialable... this one just integrates with nearly everything! And you can't beat that! :P) I have always had it configured in a way were any message I w… more »


Quote of the day - insanity

  18:49:35, by fplanque   , Categories: Sagesse
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. more »

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