Comment from: Danny [Visitor]

Thanks, I was wondering why you never posted in English anymore. I tried reading it but my French is too poor to pick out more than a couple of words. And machine translation is almost as bad. I’ve subscribed to the English feed now.

2007-03-20 @ 14:40
Comment from: Mox Folder [Visitor]
Mox Folder

Pourquoi ce changement ? tu as peur de repousser tes lecteurs anglohpones avec des textes en français ? ;o)

2007-03-20 @ 15:28
Comment from: [Member]

Oui Mox, et le contraire aussi ;)

2007-03-20 @ 19:47
Comment from: Mox Folder [Visitor]
Mox Folder

moi je réfléchi de plus en plus à écrire des textes en anglais… mais finalement je me dis toujours google translate ferait un meilleurs travail.

2007-03-20 @ 21:46
Comment from: [Member]

Most automated translators are totally dyslexic. It only requires minimal foreign language practice before you can communicate your thoughts better than them.

2007-03-20 @ 22:07
Comment from: John [Visitor]

I came here from my blog’s utility reference to learn how to use RSS feeds.

Well it seems I have to visit you English blog to do that.

Thanks anyway

2007-03-30 @ 20:06
Comment from: Dave [Visitor]

As a Canadian I’m supposed to be bilingual but my French is failing me. Are you posting the same thing in both blogs? I was trying to find out about your blog templates if you have some available.

2007-07-16 @ 02:40

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