Dating a geek

"The nice thing about most computer boys is that they don’t typically check out other women. The downside of this is that they don’t notice the other women because they are too busy checking out people’s cell phones and iPods."

Ever wondered how your girlfriend feels about your overall geekiness? This post on "Dating an Apple Developer" is a gem. Nice template design too. B)

The soul of the mac... on your PC?

Max OS X Tiger

"More than even the processor... more than even the hardware innovations that we bring to the market... the soul of the Mac is its operating system... and we're not standing still!"
-Steve Jobs, closing his keynote at WWDC 2005

I wonder if that means Apple's going to release Mac OS "leopard" for PCs also... :?:

That would definitely be inline with the Mac Mini release. They admit they have been running secret projects for years. And all they really still need is a specific hardware abstraction layer as well as a few drivers... Definitely possible! :yes:

Keynote de Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Si vous ne l'avez pas suivie, vous trouverez sur le site de MacGeneration un résumé assez efficace de la Keynote ou Steve Jobs explique le pourquoi et le comment de la migration des ordinateurs Apple vers les processeurs Intel x86.

(Si vous déjeunez seul devant votre écran, vous pouvez aussi tenter de regarder la version Quicktime sur le site Apple... mais comme souvent dans ces cas là, le serveur a l'air méchamment saturé...)

Plus tard: ça vaut vraiment le coup de regarder la vidéo, c'est presque aussi prenant que Star Wars! (okay, j'exagère un peu... :P)

Bluetooth cracké

Cette fois c'est la bonne, bluetooth a été cracké.

Dramatisons un peu... ;D

Bientôt des virus dans nos téléphones portables. Bientôt ils passerront des appels tout seuls. Bientôt on aura des messages indésirables dans notre oreillette. Bientôt notre téléphone avec caméra intégré nous espionnera à l'insu de notre plein grès...

Ah mais qu'on se rassure, le bluetooth n'a qu'une portée de 10 mètres. Ca ne va pas faciliter la piraterie... sauf avec un virus qui se propage à chaque fois que vous croisez quelqu'un... >:-[

Ou alors dans les films d'espionnage ce sera un petit drône télécommandé qui viendra se stabiliser derrière votre fenêtre le temps de craquer votre bleutooth... :>

Nokia 770: finally a decent mobile browser!

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

Russ thinks, Nokia's latest 770 Internet Tablet doesn't make much sense in today's market.

Well, I think it does!

And that's because "smartphones are doomed" ! :P And these Nokia guys know it! :P

Okay well, I wrote this split up theory between the screen and the phone over two years ago. Today I can't help but thinking they're finally getting it!

Basically, this device is a standard web browser on a portable large (800*480) color screen, connected to the internet via WiFi (Home or Hotspot use) or Bluetooth (on the move use with your EDGE or 3G phone).

This device is for you to read news (or whatever) in your rocking chair. You've tried it with a laptop before; it's not comfortable! You may have tried it with a tablet PC; it's still too heavy!

This device is for you to read news or e-books (or whatever) in the bus/train while you commute. You've tried it with a PDA bedore; but... eh... the screen is too small, isn't it? (Anyway, it is definitely too small for the vast majority of websites out there today with no damn clue about mobile users).

Okay, there's no hard-drive and no keyboard (yet)... but there are several (good) reasons for that:

1) Many people prefer devices that do one thing and do it well! (This is also why the Sony PSP would not be a significant competitor even if it had the required news reading software).

2) This is an entry level market testing prototype. Product cycles are short. This time next year, you'll have your keyboard and your hard-drive for the same price tag and in a smaller form factor. (Plus, with this new Linux based "Internet Tablet 2005 software edition" OS being available for some time, you'll also have a ton of ISV software available too).

3) Nothing beats a stylus when it comes to point and click on a link in the middle of a page witch holds dozens of them scattered all over the place. (Not even a mouse, but it's irrelevant here anyway :p)

I definitely think this thing has a lot of potential! I can't wait to get my hands on it... and even more I can't wait to get one into the hands of our customers at work... :>>