Comment from: Kochise [Visitor]

Try Crimson Editor, you can even create your own syntax file : http://www.crimsoneditor.com/

It’s nice, fast, effective, and free ;)


2003-11-17 @ 11:08
Comment from: François PLANQUE [Visitor]
François PLANQUE

It’s nice, fast, effective, and free… but it’s still not an IDE. No code completion, no code outlining…

2003-11-17 @ 11:17
Comment from: dAniel [Visitor]

I’ll make another suggestion: jEdit!

just wanted sth better than Ultraedit and it suits my needs very well.. there are a lot of Plugins, for different purposes and all is free.

I’m using 4.2pre6 since about two weeks now.

Unfortunately there is no PHP code completion - or I did not find it, as I did not search for that..

It requires Java Runtime and is very portable due to that.. but not as slow as I assumed..

Worth a try for sure!

2003-11-23 @ 23:33
Comment from: ViMan [Visitor]

Let’s burn all these stuff !!!

Be a man ! Use Vi !!!


2004-06-09 @ 18:05
Comment from: Emi Leiser [Visitor]
Emi Leiser

I’m also interested in PHP plugins under Eclipse and keep an eye on both PHPEclipse and TruStudio.
A few months ago I would say that PHPEclipse is better, but now it seems to have no chance against TruStudio.
I’m waiting impatiently of trustudio 1.0 final or at least RC release, when all the features will be available.

2004-07-27 @ 20:47

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