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Don Cooper

Valiant try, but instructions don’t work for me. My OS is WinXP and I’m running Thunderbird 1.5. (Why isn’t “Thunderbird” ((which is awkward to type and hard to remember))just called “Firefox Mail"?)

I don’t see any “.slt” files in the “C:>Documents and Settings> myname> Thunderbird> Profiles> Mail>” sequence. There are .msf and .sbd and .dat and a few .html’s, but no “.slt".

Your reply would be appreciated,
don cooper

2006-01-30 @ 04:04
Mozilla Thunderbird Tutorial

There is an illustrated tutorial available, which covers how to backup and restore Thunderbird’s settings (profile), both manually and with MozBackup. The advantage of this tutorial is that once the basic concept is understood, any kind of import/export of Thunderbird settings becomes easier.



2006-05-02 @ 04:03

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