mySQL & Oracle

(via Cédric) Jim Gray:

"Larry Ellison announced that Oracle is now running entirely on Linux. But he didn't say, "Incidentally we're going to run all of Oracle on MySQL on Linux." If you just connected the dots, that would be the next sentence in the paragraph. But he didn't say that, so I believe that Larry actually thinks Oracle will have a lot more value than MySQL has. I do not understand why he thinks the Linux problems are fixable and the MySQL problems are not."

Quote of the day - Concurrent development

The truth is that concurrent development is hard. Good SCM tools make it easier, but some people prefer to adopt processes which prevent complexity instead of using tools which help manage complexity.

-Eric W. Sink

Advanced PHP book :?:

So I've been developing on b2evolution for a couple of months now and people seem to be quite happy with it ;) (read the testimonials! ;) )

Nevertheless I still feel like I'd really need to learn PHP for real someday! :. I mean, it's easy to learn the basics from reading actual code (because it's very similar to C/C++) and occasionnaly referring to the online manual... but I'm pretty sure there are some advanced concepts out there I'm not even aware of... right now I'm thinking about the configuration options and the loading of modules...

I was about to buy a book online but I'm really afraid of getting something that will teach me "hello world" after a few hundred pages. What I need is a 15 page recap on datatypes and control structures and advanced stuff starting at page 20! :P

If anyone reading this knows the right book for this, please point me to it! Thanks a lot! ;D

Netscape: the end :`(


It has been learned through public and private sources that AOL has cut or will cut the remaining team working on Mozilla in a mass firing and are dismantling what was left of Netscape (they've even pulled the logos off the buildings). Some will remain working on Mozilla during the transition, and will move to other jobs within AOL.

Je suppose qu'il fallait s'y attendre... après l'annonce des accords de partenariat à la limite de l'indécence entre AOL et Microsoft il y a quelques semaines...

Bien sûr Mozilla continue en tant que projet open source. AOL finance même la toute nouvelle Mozilla Foundation à hauteur de 2 millions de dollars... sans doute pour se donner bonne conscience.

La bonne nouvelle c'est que cette fondation est dirigée par Mitch Kapor (qui rajoute 300 000 dollars de se poche, tout de même...) et avec le soutien de Red Hat ainsi que de Sun Microsystems.

Voilà qui devrait donc assurer l'avenir de Mozilla... en revanche, on peut craindre le pire dans l'esprit du grand public: si le rival historique Netscape n'est plus, on aura vite fait de considérer que ~` IE a définitivement gagné la bataille des browsers webs et qu'il est vain de se préocupper d'une "hypothétique" concurrence... ou encore de "soit-disant" standards... '~ Hum... pas bon du tout ça... :no: :no: :no:

Je commence à me sentir obligé de passer à Firebird par simple solidarité... :-/

Firebird, bleh |-| [en]

[Version française]

Almost everyday, I read someone saying "why would someone still use [a suposedly abandoned] IE when he could indeed use a [supposedly better] Firebird ?".

Hold on guys... you know brainwashing may not be the best way to evangelize, right? ... and could we at least try to sound a little less naïve? :crazy:

I'll tell you why: because, as of today, Firebird is just a prototype, far from offering the usage comfort IE does! :(

Firebird may be good at respecting web standards... nevertheless pretty poor at respecting windows standards. And the sad thing is, the average user reacts to that! Even unconsciously!

For example: while Windows menus look "outset" by default, Firebirds menus look "inset"; toolbars cannot be moved (I'd like to have those links in that wide empty space right to the menu); the windows resizing handle is invisible; etc... globally Firebird really doesn't fit into the OS it tries to conquer...

Add all those annoying details like the ALT texts not being displayed (even when no TITLE is specified) or the insertion point not being blinking whenever there happens to be an animated GIF on the page... and you'll probably understand why Firebird just doesn't feel natural to plain Windows users. (Not mentionning incompatible javascripts...)

Don't get me wrong, I am *not* saying that IE is the best browser. As a developer, I favor Mozilla... but as an end user, I definitely favor IE! By the way, as an end-user, I really don't need to open 30 pages simultaneously that often... thus, not even needing tabbed browsing that much... ;D

(Once again, don't get me wrong: I think Firebird has a great future and can't wait to see if the next versions get better on these flaws... but it just isn't ready to seduce the Windows world yet!)