Quote of the day

Via alexking.org:

"Verdana is my favorite Microsoft product."

-Michael J. Tsai.


Accord SAP/mySQL

SAP décide de confier sa base de données à MySQL pour se recentrer sur son coeur de métier: les ERP (R/3).

La base de données SAP-DB, quant à elle, semblerait avoir plus ou moins vocation à passer en open-source et à fusionner avec mySQL. L'objectif serait même d'aller titiller les seniors: Oracle, SQL-Server, DB/2 et Sybase. :!:

=> Voilà qui ne pourra probablement que faire du bien à mySQL... parce que pour l'instant il est loin de boxer dans la même catégorie! :>>

God I love sundays!

Woops I first spelled it sundaes! :. And that was correct too! :))

Actually, the cool thing about sundays is that the day before is saurday... and that gives beta testers a lot of time to test b2evolution!

I sure wasn't expecting that much positive response from all over the world today! :yes:

This is really nice! B) Thank you all for your support. I'm working on rolling out a release ASAP! ;)

Debugging pingback

Sometimes I think debugging pingback is the greatest pain... ever! XX(

[Please excuse for this disguised live test ;D]

Actually, there is in XMLRPC for PHP there is this cool xmlrpc_client.setDebug() method that helps a lot. I thought that would make my day for a while.... That was until I realized I had just spent half of the day debugging two bugs in the b2 pingback implementation! >:-(

This would have been far more efficient if the original developper for this (Mort) had finished the debugging in the first place... and this is precisely why I'm not rushing my own b2evolution out before I iron out as many quirks as I can! B)

mySQL 3.23 is making me sick!

  • No referential integrity
  • No transactions (at least not enabled by default so hosting providers would have them)
  • No subqueries in DELETE statements
  • No UNION statement (can you believe it?)
  • and of course no triggers of any kind...

Not that I think mySQL is a bad thing... just that I don't understand how this can be called 3.23! Actually, 0.3.23 would be more appropriate! :>>

I'm so close to making 0.4 (some call it 4.0 :>>) a requirement for b2evolution!