About RSS on mobile phones

Just a quick note (to myself :roll:) : Russ has an interesting post about aggregating RSS on mobile phones. Make sure to read the comments too.

Microsoft Typography site

Interesting intro to TrueType hinting. Via Simon.

Fast rollovers, no preload needed

Pure CSS, no javascript, no preload. The best rollover technique, ever! Via Simon.

Quote of the day

Joel on Software in The Guerrilla Guide to Interviewing:

"I've discovered that understanding pointers in C is not a skill, it's an aptitude."

Actually, the whole article contains lots of very interesting thoughts. A few examples:

"Our goal is to hire people with aptitude, not a particular skill set. Any skill set that people can bring to the job will be technologically obsolete in a couple of years, anyway, so it's better to hire people that are going to be able to learn any new technology rather than people who happen to know SQL programming right this minute."

"An important thing to remember about interviewing is this: it is much better to reject a good candidate than to accept a bad candidate."