checkdisk on Windows 2000

Every year or so, there comes a time where my W2K hard disk seems to fail in mysterious ways. Every time my reaction is the same: I desperately start searching the GUI for the disk checking tool. Damn it, where have they moved it in this version of Windows!?

It occurs to me that I have to learn this again and again: there is no GUI checkdisk in W2K (and this is most likely true for all 'NT' derivatives, XP etc...)

So this time I'm writing it down here, so maybe next year I will not have to rant at Windows for a couple of days before I find the answer! :roll:

You just gotta type this:
chkdsk d: /F /R

Brevets logiciels :no:

Bon résumé, sur le StandBlog, de la triste réalité sur les brevets logiciels... :'(

Malheureusement, je suis trop loin de Bruxelles pour aller manifester aujourd'hui! :-/

Successful Regular Expressions

Via John Lim: Tony Stubblebine has a nice article teaching Five Habits for Successful Regular Expressions :idea:

What? You can put comments into regexps? Why hasn't anybody said so before? :?: Worse: why isn't anybody actually doing it??? >:XX

Hum... and these extremely useful lazy quantifiers... how could they have slipped out of my mind? :oops:

Internationalizing web applications using gettext in PHP

As I have said before, gettext is a very interesting framework for i18n and i10n.

Now the question is, how do I apply this to web applications? Actually, I'm going to restrict my discussion here to PHP since this is what I'm working with right now... but you should expect similar behaviour when using other web development tools that integrate gettext.

First of all, the good news: PHP fully supports gettext since version 3.0.7. So it's been used for a long time and you can even find tutorials on the net.

PHP/Gettext in action

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Introducing gettext and .PO files

poedit screenshot
As I said recently, i18n and l10n are best carried out using the right tools...

I've looked around somewhat and it turns out there seems to be an absolute reference in the area: the GNU gettext framework.

This framework actually comprehends several things:

  • A set of conventions about how programs should be written to support i18n;
  • A directory and file naming organization for the translated strings;
  • A runtime library to display localized text;
  • A set of utilities to handle the l10n process;
  • A special mode for Emacs which helps preparing the sources for i18n.

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