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Fast rollovers, no preload needed

  21:43:53, by fplanque   , Categories: HTML & CSS

Link: http://wellstyled.com/css-nopreload-rollovers.html

Pure CSS, no javascript, no preload. The best rollover technique, ever! Via Simon.


Quote of the day

  23:59:51, by fplanque   , Categories: Développement

Joel on Software in The Guerrilla Guide to Interviewing:

"I've discovered that understanding pointers in C is not a skill, it's an aptitude."

Actually, the whole article contains lots of very interesting thoughts. A few examples:

"Our goal is to hire people with aptitude, not a particular skill set. Any skill set that people can bring to the job will be technologically obsolete in a couple of years, anyway, so it's better to hire people that are going to be able to learn any new technology rather than people who happen to know SQL programming right this minute."

"An important thing to remember about interviewing is this: it is much better to reject a good candidate than to accept a bad candidate."


checkdisk on Windows 2000

  22:05:58, by fplanque   , Categories: Technologie

Every year or so, there comes a time where my W2K hard disk seems to fail in mysterious ways. Every time my reaction is the same: I desperately start searching the GUI for the disk checking tool. Damn it, where have they moved it in this version of Windows!?

It occurs to me that I have to learn this again and again: there is *no* GUI checkdisk in W2K (and this is most likely true for all 'NT' derivatives, XP etc...)

So this time I'm writing it down here, so maybe next year I will not have to rant at Windows for a couple of days before I find the answer! :roll:

You just gotta type this:

chkdsk d: /F /R


IE 6 not refreshing

  03:38:39, by fplanque   , Categories: Media Web, Développement Web

Just stumbled upon yet another funky IE6 "bug" (if I may say so...)

When you want to automatically refresh to another page, you send a header that looks something like:


The funky thing is that if that header exceeds the maximum size of 263 characters, IE won't do the refresh! |-|

Okay there's got to be a limit, but why so low? And why "263" ?? :crazy:

No need to say, auto refreshes work fine in Firebird with lengths much higher than that.

=> I guess this is why you still need to put some dirty message underneath like 'if nothing happens, please click here!' Bleh! >:XX

PS: Please don't tell me to use a Location: instead. This would do no good to setting cookies.


Brevets logiciels :no:

  13:04:36, par fplanque   , Catégories: IT business, Développement

Bon résumé, sur le StandBlog, de la triste réalité sur les brevets logiciels... :'(

Malheureusement, je suis trop loin de Bruxelles pour aller manifester aujourd'hui! :-/

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