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Quelques rendez-vous pour 2007 :)

Quelques rendez-vous pour 2007 :)
Hello! Bonne Année tout le monde! Côté IT, l'année commence cette semaine avec deux évènements majeurs; lesquels vont probablement donner le ton pour, au moins, le premier semestre 2007: Tout d'abord la 40ième édition du Consumer Electronics Show de… suite »

New feature: send message to author

Okay, I just put up this new feature from b2evolution/Phoenix on my blog: next to every post and every comment, you'll see a little envelope. When you click on it, you're offered to send a message to the author. The message gets sent by email, but you… more »

The illusion of DataBase Abstraction Layers or Classes

Many people think that DB abstraction is cool. I get emails about this topic all the time. People suggesting we add a DB abstraction layer to b2evolution, or offering to do so themselves. So why haven't we added one yet? Well, simply because DB… more »

There's more than the code...

Oh well... I think it's been too long since I last read some great wisdom like the one on Joel on Software. I read this really insightful peace today about all the important things beyond just the actual software code. Here's a funny quote: Human… more »

Using PHP 4.3.8 with MySQL 4.1

Running an app under PHP 4.3.8 and trying to connect to a MySQL 4.1 database can be pretty frustrating. By default it gives you a message like this: "Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL… more »