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Le point commun entre CSS, DHTML et RSS

Vous connaissez le point commun entre CSS, DHTML et RSS? Mis à part que ça permet plein de choses qui étaient virtuellement impossibles avant? Les deux premiers sont des standards officiels, le 3ème est un standard de facto. Mais dans les 3 cas, ces… suite »

Atom frustration

Today I thought it was time for me to catch up on Atom and add support for this format to b2evolution. Okay, done. Here's my Atom 0.3 feed. And it validates too. But I had to leave out a link to comments as well as my categorization! There's no sup… more »

Syndication, RSS, RDF and Atom in a Nutshell

Once upon a time, there was a company called Netscape who was investigating a new market: portal sites and content syndication. The idea was simple: a variety of websites produce relevant content in a (nearly) continuous flow. Portals would be designed t… more »

About RSS on mobile phones

Just a quick note (to myself ) : Russ has an interesting post about aggregating RSS on mobile phones. Make sure to read the comments too. more »

Towards a new syndication format

Looks like the Echo Project Roadmap is getting a pretty wide acceptance in what we probably could call the ~`blogging industry'~ by now. I definitely plan to support Echo in b2evolution... RSS has been such a mess for such a long time... something… more »