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Google & BlogNoise: an advertiser's perspective


Google & BlogNoise: an advertiser's perspective

  15:59:01, by fplanque   , Categories: Media Web

Ray Ozzie writes:

Scoble says Google is getting a lot of pressure from its advertisers to push down weblogs, who might lower their search result rankings. This seems counterintuitive to me. By diluting the commercial effectiveness of the first N search results, don't blogs actually increase the value of Sponsored Links?

=>I guess advertisers don't believe in color boxed sponsored links themselves! :>>

By the way, Robert Scoble mentions this about advertisers:

The fact that when you search for "NEC Tablet" and you find me, for instance, might really piss off NEC. Since NEC advertises on Google, [...]

=> It seems to me that Microsoft are the ones playing this one the smartest way again: they send info, demo, invitations, etc. to bloggers in order to try and get positive "independant" press on high-visibility blogs! Evil but smart! :>

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