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Commentaire de: Jordan [Visiteur]

Babelfish does a really good job of translating your posts, Francois. Anyway, I couldn’t agree more with respect to Firebird. Every time I use IE, I miss Firebird. It’s just.. good.

28.08.03 @ 07:53
Commentaire de: Kochise [Visiteur]

Obviously Alain Lefebvre not yet tested Opera 7 (public 7.11 and beta 7.20b8) ! He would have seen that even some commercial companies don’t even cares conflicts and and continue in making an almost perfect product !


02.09.03 @ 08:14
Commentaire de: LolZ [Visiteur]

Not only Opera make a smart browser, but they also manage a cute XHTML-Strict website!

04.09.03 @ 00:42

Formulaire en cours de chargement...