Tiscali: affligeant! :'(

Non contents de me surfacturer systématiquement de mois en mois, Tiscali (France) vient de m'envoyer ça: (après plus de 24 heures d'intense réflexion) Cher Francois Planque, Nous avons bien reçu votre demande. Nous vous invitons à préciser les… suite »

Coder to Developer

From Joel's foreword to Mike Gunderloy's "Coder to Developer": When I got out of the army, I headed off to college and got a degree in Computer Science. Now I really knew everything. I knew more than everything, because I had learned a bunch of… more »

Charset conversions (i18n)

Yesterday, I came accross this interesting table which lets me know what conversions I need to do when I paste text from Word into a textarea and further want to use this text on the web... To be accurate, this table is useful for conversion from the… more »