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Palm to XP synching via IR

I still carry around that vintage Palm V that I still haven't replaced by a smartphone to carry around things like my address book and some access codes (heavily encrypted). Since I moved my email/outlook to my newer Presario X1005 laptop I was a… more »

2004: year of the mobile apps

As Russel puts it: 2004 is the year of the mobile [applications]. (Okay, here in France, it might shift to 2005, but whatever...) Of course, the two main markets here are: mobile games (play while commuting...)and mobile enterprise applications… more »

A journey into WiFi

I'm on a train right now (typing this into TextPad) and I'm sort of realizing that the WiFi ubiquity I have been experiencing for the past few weeks was actually an illusion! :-/ It all started last month when I bought a new laptop with built in… more »

Du Microsoft dans les téléphones Nokia et HandSpring :!:

Incroyable mais vrai, Microsoft va désormais facturer $0.25 pour chaque appareil utilisant le système de fichier FAT, c'est à dire tous les appareils stockant des fichiers sur des cartes mémoire: appareils photo numériques bien sûr, mais aussi… suite »

Sendo X unveiled

Sendo has unveiled more of its Sendo X in a press conference today. Let's tell it as it is: that smartphone totally rocks! It's even better than what we could expect from previous announcements. Of course, in this industry, product cycles are very… more »