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Comment from: Gust [Visitor]

Good summary. What if a product overcame the connectivity issues including firewall/NAT traversal, was easy to use AND was inexpensively priced. That is my product. VidMe. VidMe will deliver frame rates in the 12-24 fps range with CD quality sound and very low latency. It is fully adaptive to network and CPU conditions of both callers. It is 256 bit AES encrypted, both connection and contents. The $6.95 per month for unlimited calling to other VidMe users. Try it… 14 day free trial. You will be blown away.

When a call connects the program takes about 12 seconds to optimize the signal… bet you say “whoa!”

It is the better mousetrap and we are trying to get the word out. Let me know what you think.



2004-09-28 @ 03:46

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