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Commentaire de: Ralphy [Visiteur]

Je viens d’ailleurs de “patcher” ma version de b2evolution (b2evolution\blogs\b2evocore\_class_comment.php) pour ajouter cette nouvelle fonctionnalité. :)

19.01.05 @ 15:13
Commentaire de: ian [Visiteur]

b2evolution is the best blogging software i’ve tried so far, i’m in beta mode now once i get it running i will be sure to donate…..
merci beaucoup

25.02.05 @ 22:39
Commentaire de: scott [Visiteur]

I read the Google “Comment Spam” article, with interest. Thank you for posting that.

I did notice, however, that b2evolution isn’t on the list of blogging tools that is supporting this initiative. How come?

17.03.05 @ 14:37
Commentaire de: [Membre]

Btw, b2evo is actually supporting the initiative.

02.05.06 @ 21:09

Formulaire en cours de chargement...