I realized today that PHP's state of corporate underestimation probably is similar to SQL's state of corporate underuse.

You could think it's because these technologies are not object oriented enough...

You could also think that they have been so widely misused that they got a bad reputation...

Well, actually I think the main reason is just marketing! There are corporations out there, spending millions to get the press to think (and write) that you need more complex architectures and data access schemes to get things right!

That *is* true sometimes... but I fear that more than 80% of the uses of things like object-to-relational mapping and other J2EE candies are just overkill... but of course, every manager thinks his project is the kind of project the press is talking about... And of course, contractors are going to give them what they ask for... as long as it pays better...

Funky world out there! :>>

Du Microsoft dans les téléphones Nokia et HandSpring :!:

Incroyable mais vrai, Microsoft va désormais facturer $0.25 pour chaque appareil utilisant le système de fichier FAT, c'est à dire tous les appareils stockant des fichiers sur des cartes mémoire: appareils photo numériques bien sûr, mais aussi smartphones... y compris, ceux fonctionnant sous Symbian ou PalmOS, c'est à dire se positionnant comme des alternatives à l'OS de Microsoft... :|

Si vous trouviez que UNISYS ne manquait pas d'air de demander des licences sur un format d'image aussi basique que le GIF, que pensez vous de Microsoft qui facture sans aucune honte un système de fichiers qui n'est pas seulement basique mais carrément obsolète, peu performant et défaillant en termes de sécurité?

On devrait toujours se méfier des standards de fait...

Connectique vidéo (RVB, YUV, S-Video, composite...)

Au fait, lorsque vous branchez un nouvel appareil sur votre télé, vous utilisez quelle prise? Quel câble? Je pense ici à un magnétoscope numérique, mais ça mache aussi avec un lecteur de DVD, un caméscope, un décodeur satellite, un appareil photo, un ordinateur...

Si vous avez répondu autre chose que "ça dépend!" et "de plusieurs facteurs", vous devriez probablement lire la suite! ;)

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SourceForge hosting

Some people suggested I consider hosting b2evolution.net on SourceForge. While I'd like to, their acceptable use policy is in several ways too restrictive, essentially here:

You may host a small demonstration site for your software, provided it is not resource-intensive, does not violate our Terms of Use agreement, and does not require outbound connectivity. Users should not be permitted to modify data in your demo site. You may use your project web space for software testing, so long as the testing is performed only by a small group of people (this is not an appropriate place to host a production test involving large groups).

One of the main purposes of the site was to allow people to test the software before they go through the hassle of the install process (even if the install is indeed quite simple). That means many people do 'testing' on the site, they change content, they generate outbound connectivity (pings, trackbacks...)

For these reasons, I consider hosting the site on SF only as a last resort solution... :-/

Update: we now host the site with several different web hosting companies, which also allows us to determine and recommend the best of them to b2evolution users.

b2evolution.net usage stats

bevolution.net usage stats

In order to possibly arrange for new hosting a few people have asked for bandwidth and space requirements.

I posted a webalizer bandwidth usage report here.

Regarding diskspace, the site takes approx 10 MB and the mysql databases about 70 MB, however most of this is stats and we can seriously cut down on it if needed.

A few more observations:

  • Relatively stable over all week days (Wed, Thu, Fri are most busy, Sat least busy).
  • Relatively stable over the whole daytime (US afternoon is the most busy).
  • Downloads (heavy files) are carried through SourceForge.
  • All mysql databases could be melted into one if needed.

Finally, we'll be glad to carry a banner/logo on the site for the new generous host. ;)