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No Signup. No waiting. No SPAM. Just email - your email - anytime you want it. No time wasted signing-up, just send an email to any address Your email address already exists. Get your email sent here, THEN come check mailinator. Your… more »

Netscape: the end :`(

mozillaZine: It has been learned through public and private sources that AOL has cut or will cut the remaining team working on Mozilla in a mass firing and are dismantling what was left of Netscape (they've even pulled the logos off the buildings).… suite »

Firebird, bleh |-| [en]

[Version française] Almost everyday, I read someone saying "why would someone still use [a suposedly abandoned] IE when he could indeed use a [supposedly better] Firebird ?". Hold on guys... you know brainwashing may not be the best way to… more »

Piratage de CB facile! 88|

Via Erik, un lien vers The Register: 'Open and helpful community' - of credit card thieves Ce qu'on y apprend est effrayant: n'importe qui pouvait accéder à des channels IRC dédiés au piratage de cartes bancaires. Des commandes IRC (bots)… suite »

Firebird, bleh |-| [fr]

Update: [English version] Ici et là, je lis sans cesse des réflexions du type "pourquoi continuer à utiliser un [soit disant abandonné] IE alors que vous pourriez utiliser un [soit disant génialissime] Firebird ?". Bon les gars... déjà que… suite »