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Firebird de plus en plus visible...

Alain Lefebvre dans JDNet:Je n'ai pas peur d'affirmer que Firebird est le browser Web tel qu'ils devraient tous être : léger, propre, bien fait, focalisé sur ce qui est utile et raisonnablement personnalisable. La fonction de blocage des pop-ups n'est… suite »

The idea behind open source

Karl Fogel has it pretty much clear in Chapter 1 of his book: "Open Source Development with CVS - 2ND EDITION": Imagine a science-fiction device that allows any sort of food or physical object to be infinitely duplicated. If somebody then tried to… more »

IT independant innovation... dead?

Two quotes from PHPeverywhere: "Perhaps the problem is that the computer industry is maturing, so all the cool corners where you could do your own thing in peace are disappearing slowly..." -John Lim: "Gamma Radiation from Microsoft turns open source… more »

Firebird, bleh |-| [en]

[Version française] Almost everyday, I read someone saying "why would someone still use [a suposedly abandoned] IE when he could indeed use a [supposedly better] Firebird ?". Hold on guys... you know brainwashing may not be the best way to… more »

Firebird, bleh |-| [fr]

Update: [English version] Ici et là, je lis sans cesse des réflexions du type "pourquoi continuer à utiliser un [soit disant abandonné] IE alors que vous pourriez utiliser un [soit disant génialissime] Firebird ?". Bon les gars... déjà que… suite »