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Charset conversions (i18n)

Yesterday, I came accross this interesting table which lets me know what conversions I need to do when I paste text from Word into a textarea and further want to use this text on the web... To be accurate, this table is useful for conversion from the… more »

Webservices: pour quoi faire?

Le petit monde des technologies de l'information aime les buzzwords. Il y a eu une époque où tout le monde disait "Network Computer" autant que possible, il y a eu une époque ou "Java" devait figurer dans tout white paper ou business plan qui se… suite »

Syndication, RSS, RDF and Atom in a Nutshell

Once upon a time, there was a company called Netscape who was investigating a new market: portal sites and content syndication. The idea was simple: a variety of websites produce relevant content in a (nearly) continuous flow. Portals would be designed t… more »

(I don't believe in) Web Standards (no more... but I wish I still had faith!)

"Web Standards"... that definitely sounds cooler than it really is... At first we had HTML and Mosaic... Then came Netscape and Microsoft with their proprietary extensions... and so came the need for standards. We got several versions of standardized… more »

Industrialisation du web: un exemple

Pour bien fixer les esprits, je vais prendre un exemple proche de nos préoccupations quotidiennes de bloggeurs : la vérification des referers. Si vous enregistrez le referrer de chaque requête dans le but de l'afficher dans vos stats publiques, vous… suite »